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Glow It
Glow It

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50 ml \ 1 .7 oz

A potent hair lotion designed to restore, strengthen , protect against damage , and enhance the softness & shine of your hair .

Glow It , a hair emulsion serves as a complementary product in our haircare series , intended for external use on the hair lengths to nourish and complete the treatment .

This natural lotion comprises a concentrated blend of hyaluronic acid , keratin , and argan oil , contributing to the restoration , repair & strengthening of the hair fiber . It provides protection against damage , repairs split ends , and revitalizes the hair , leaving it lively , soft & shiny .

Regular use of our
potent lotion will renew & revitalize your existing hair . The lotion leaves no greasy or heavy feeling and does not require washing .

Suitable for daily use . Suitable for all hair types .

Usage Instructions:

After showering, dry the hair with a towel, Take a small amount of the lotion in your hands , massage the lengths of the hair (especially the ends , not the roots) and finish by combing .


Main ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid – gives a boost of moisture and contributes to the flexibility and strength of the hair . Penetrates the hair and restores it from the inside , closes split ends , improves the appearance of the hair and prevents dryness .

Pure Keratin –  A natural substance that coats and seals the hair , pure keratin creates an external protective layer , promoting a smooth , velvety , and healthier appearance , while preventing split ends .

Argan Oil – Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids , argan oil strengthens hair , treats split ends , and provides moisture for a healthy and radiant look .

Glycolic acid – contributes to the restoration and improvement of the appearance of the hair , reduces defects such as breakage , split ends and dryness . Works in synergy with other nutrients and helps them penetrate the hair fiber more effectively .


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