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Calm it
Calm it
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A powerful capsule to help with a general sense of calm , improve mood & reduce stress .

Consistent use of our top tear multi-vitamin blend will lead to a general sense of calm , an improvement in mood, better quality sleep & will contribute to a sense of ability in dealing with stressful situations and the burdens of everyday life .

Calm It is a 100% natural nutritional supplement, designed entirely to regulate the level of cortisol in our body (stress hormone), thanks to our patented ingredient – saffron , known for its virtues and scientifically proven to be the strongest anti-depressant in nature .

Our capsule has the highest permitted dose of saffron in the world! The formula also contains plant extracts , vitamins & minerals that have been proven to increase dopamine and serotonin in the body (the so-called “happy hormones” ).

Each jar contains: 30 capsules

Usage Instructions:

Take one capsule a day after a light meal.


Main ingredients

Patented Saffron – Known for its ability to uplift mood and reduce anxiety , saffron contributes to relaxation , improves concentration , enhances sleep quality , and provides various other health benefits .

Ashwagandha – Effective for conditions of chronic fatigue , stress , weakness , depression , anxiety , headaches , and dizziness resulting from stress . It increases the body’s ability to cope with changing situations .

Passion Fruit Extract – Known to soothe and relieve anxiety , passion fruit extract has calming properties , regulates blood pressure , helps with insomnia and restlessness , and contributes to mental calmness , effectively aiding in dealing with mental stress .

Rhodiola Extract
Enhances cognitive abilities , allowing for better thinking , analysis , planning , and memory improvement . It also helps in situations of attention and concentration disorders , mood imbalance (anxiety , depression , worry ), chronic fatigue , and other conditions .

questions & answers

A powerful capsule , 100% natura l, which uniquely combines vitamins , minerals , and amino acids in the highest doses in Israe l. The meticulous combination of the capsule’s components will help to relax , improve mood and reduce pressure and stress . The capsule contains a first-of-its-kind patented saffron extract clinically proven to be nature’s strongest antidepressant .

The product is suitable for all ages and anyone who faces a stressful lifestyle, restlessness and/or stress regularly.

Certainly! A combination of them is the ultimate combination . A stressful lifestyle and daily stress levels directly impact the health and density of our hair and can lead to hair loss . Therefore , the combination of Calm It and Fill It can bring about more effective results .

Yes! The products are FDA-approved . Additionally , all products are manufactured to GMP and ISO standards , ensuring the highest manufacturing and quality standards .

FDA approval appears on the product label .

Yes . The product is kosher under the supervision of the Lower Galilee Regional Rabbinate .

No side effects were observed among those taking it .

Most users reported feeling a change after about a month of use. The product is entirely natural and cannot lead to dependency, so there is no issue with regular supplementation.

Each jar contains 30 natural capsules for a monthly supply . The recommended dosage is one capsule per day , to be taken after a meal in the morning .

In order to achieve and maintain the desired result, we recommend taking the supplement regularly as part of the daily routine.
If you forgot to take, continue taking the capsules as usual, the supplement will compensate for it later.

Yes, you can open the capsule and drink the powder , it is recommended to combine with yogurt or juice .

In the case of breastfeeding/pregnancy, we are obliged to recommend consulting a doctor .
The multivitamins contain only natural ingredients , FDA-approved and without a prescription , so there should not be any problem .


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