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Grow It
Grow It

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30 ml / 1 oz

An innovative oil blend to stimulate hair growth & strengthening your hair roots .

Grow It is a oil blend hair stimulator with a unique formula. Our special blends of natural oils designed to promote growth & strengthen the hair from the root . The formula penetrates deep into the scalp , nourishing the hair roots & surrounding them with nutrients . This action stimulates the hair follicles and encourages new growth .

Our special formula is based on castor oil and a blend of oils & plant extracts , including rosemary and a mix of tea tree oils with lavender flowers . This blend helps strengthen hair from the root , restore the hair follicle, and prevent shedding . The product cares for the scalp to promote healthy , radiant , and shiny hair .

The blend has a pleasant scent, a non-sticky texture & easily washes out of the hair . For maximum absorption , it is recommended to complete the treatment with a silicone comb .

Usage Instructions:

Apply a small amount directly to the scalp and massage until fully absorbed .

It is recommended to leave it on the hair for at least an hour or longer (up to 4 hours ) .

Afterward , rinse thoroughly and proceed with your regular haircare routine .


Main ingredients

Castor Oil – Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids , castor oil promotes blood circulation to the scalp , strengthening hair follicles and accelerating healthy hair growth .

Almond Oil – High in calcium, magnesium , and vitamin E, almond oil moisturizes the scalp , encourages blood flow to hair follicles , and promotes smooth , shiny hair while preventing knots , dandruff , and dryness .

Lavender Oil – With antibacterial properties , lavender oil aids in scalp repair, reduces stress through aromatherapy , and supports the growth of healthier and thicker hair .

Avocado Oil – Loaded with vitamins , antioxidants , and collagen , avocado oil nourishes the scalp , prevents dandruff , and provides deep moisture , guarding against sun damage , dryness , and breakage .


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