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Tumm it
Tumm it

2-month kit $99
60 capsules | $49.5 / bottle

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A powerful capsule for strengthening irritable bowels and bloating

Regularly using the supplement will help strengthen irritable bowels, contribute to normal bowel activities and even regulate weight, thus reducing bloating and encouraging a sense of lightness and wellbeing.

Bloating and discomfort are a common symptom, not necessarily related to digestion only. Therefore, we worked with a team of experts to develop Tumm-It, a natural supplement containing a combination of probiotics, digestion enzymes and herbs that operate synergistically to strengthen the digestive system. Supplement ingredients help balance stomach acidity and natural flora, support proper digestion and help relieve bloating, gas, nausea and the sense of fullness after eating.

Each jar contains: 30 capsules


1 or 2 capsules per day, according to stomach condition. Recommended after a light meal.

2-month kit

60 capsules | $54.5 / bottle


Main ingredients

Digestive Enzymes – Help the body digest food by breaking down the large molecules containing proteins, carbohydrates and fat into smaller molecules, in order to facilitate nutrient absorption and conveyance.

Probiotics Mixture – 2 billion friendly and essential Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria. Probiotics restores the body’s good bacteria, which are important for food breakdown and absorption, helping prevent the development of harmful bacteria and fungi. Probiotics restores and strengthens stomach flora.

Aloe Vera – Improves digestion, prevents constipation and helps with toxin removal, enhances natural metabolism, helps food flow through the stomach and helps solve digestive disorders. Contributes to calming and relieving conditions, such as acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory stomach diseases. It evidently soothes the digestive system and contributes to regular bowel movements.

Rhubarb – Stimulates and improves the digestive system. Rich in nutritional fibers that encourage digestive system activity. Regulates blood glucose levels. Helps maintain balanced cholesterol levels. Its nutritional fibers improve digestive processes and metabolism.

Fennel – The fennel seed extract provides many health advantages, helping treat various medical conditions such as stomach aches, reducing gas and abdominal bloating, relieving bowel pain and cramps and treating nausea or hiccups.

questions & answers

A powerful, 100% natural capsule that provides a unique combination of vitamins and minerals, at the highest dosages available in Israel.

The meticulous combination of capsule ingredients will help strengthen a sensitive bowel, promote proper bowel activity and even regulate weight. The supplement relieves abdominal bloating and encourages a sense of lightness and comfort.

The product is suitable for anyone coping with abdominal bloating and various digestive problems.

Suitable for use from 12 years of age.

Yes. The product is kosher under the supervision of the Lower Galilee Regional Rabbinate.

No side effects reported among the users, may accelerate bowel activity.

Suitable for regular daily use or as needed.

1 or 2 capsules per day, according to stomach condition. We suggest starting with one capsule and determine whether the dosage should be increased.

Yes, you can open the capsule and drink the powder , it is recommended to combine with yogurt or juice.

In cases of pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is recommended to consult a doctor.


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