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Fill It Women
Fill It Women

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Fill It stands as our flagship , high-potency capsule product , demonstrating remarkable effectiveness in addressing various hair-related concerns .

Our meticulously developed formula , crafted with input from top industry experts , with a breakthrough blend of vitamins , minerals & amino acids , featuring the highest permissible doses according to FDA & GMP standards .

These capsules act as a powerful ally in replenishing & correcting nutritional deficiencies that often lead to hair loss, thinning & breakage . Our multivitamin is designed to elevate your hair to its peak condition . Noticeable improvements typically showes after approximately three months of daily intake .

For optimal results , we recommend our 6 months kit , aligning with the average hair growth cycle of 6 months . Each jar contains 60 capsules , suitable for both women and men .

Manufactured in a GMP and ISO-certified facility , Fill It adheres to the highest standards of production conditions and quality assurance , holding FDA standards .

Usage Instructions: Take 2 capsules daily with a full meal .


Main ingredients

Fish Collagen – boosts hair growth and thickness , fortifies strands , and boosts scalp health . It also improves blood flow to hair follicles , ensuring they receive essential nutrients for optimal hair growth .

Folic Acid – a vital nutrient for skin and hair health , aids in regenerating cells in the scalp , promoting the growth of new hair .

Ginkgo Biloba – enhances the delivery of nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles , improving hair growth .

Vitamin B6 – aids in quickening blood flow to the scalp , stimulating hair follicles , and fostering growth .

Zinc – crucial for the proper function of sebaceous glands surrounding hair follicles . Zinc deficiency often leads to hair loss , caused by the lack of sebum , leaving hair dry and brittle .

questions & answers

A powerful capsule , 100% natura l, which uniquely combines vitamins , minerals , and amino acids in the highest doses in Israel .
The meticulous combination of the capsule’s components will help to fill the nutritional deficiencies in your body that cause hair loss , thinning and breakage . Regular use of the nutritional supplement will provide comprehensive help that will bring your hair to its peak .

The supplement is suitable for both women and men who wish to improve the overall condition of their hai r, especially for those dealing with hair loss , thinning hair , stunted hair growth , damaged hair, and/or breakage . There’s always room for improvement when it comes to hai r, and that’s why we’re here (:
The product is allowed for use from the age of 13 and above .

Certainly! A combination of them is the ultimate combination . A stressful lifestyle and daily stress levels directly impact the health and density of our hair and can lead to hair loss . Therefore , the combination of Calm It and Fill It can bring about more effective results .

Yes! The products are FDA-approved. Additionally , all products are manufactured to GMP and ISO standards , ensuring the highest manufacturing and quality standards .

FDA approval appears on the product label .

Yes . The product is kosher under the supervision of the Lower Galilee Regional Rabbinate .

No side effects were observed among the participants; some even reported improvement in the condition of their nails .

In the first two or three months , the vitamins are absorbed in the body – usually no change will appear during this time .

After 4-5 months on average the body starts to act following the absorption . The first step is to slow down the shedding until it stops .
Between half a year and a year – the process is at its peak , shedding will stop and new hair will grow and thicken , the longer you use the supplement , the more significant the result will be!

It is important to note that the process is individual and varies from person to person , many factors affect the rate of the process such as stress , poor nutrition , the weathe r, etc  . The rate of change of one person will not be similar to anothe r.

Each jar contains 60 capsules for monthly use .
The dose is always 2 capsules a day on a full stomach , regardless of the time . The capsules can be taken together or separately .

If you take them separately , you can eat something light before taking them . If you take them togethe r, you should eat a full meal .

No . Our formula consists entirely of vitamins and amino acids that help the proper functioning of the stem cells associated with hair growth in the scalp area only , so there will be no effect on other areas of the body . The product does not contain hormones .

In order to achieve and maintain the desired result , we recommend taking the supplement regularly as part of the daily routine .
If you forgot to take , continue taking the capsules as usua l, the supplement will compensate for it later .

There are specific vitamins essential for the health of your hair that are not detectable in regular blood tests .

Yes , you can open the capsule and drink the powder , it is recommended to combine with a yogurt or juice .

In cases of pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is recommended to consult a doctor.


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