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How to maintain your hair’s health over time

It’s no secret that as we age , our bodies change . Our metabolism slows down , our body takes longer to recover from injuries , and hair growth slows down as well .Because yes , our hair is also aging !Here are some tips for having healthier hair at any age . Why does […]

Black pepper & hair

Black pepper , also known as Piper Nigrum , is the most traded spice in the world . A wide variety of cuisines around the world use the black pepper to upgrade their dishes with its delicious spiciness .The spicy flavor is the result of a chemical alkaloid known as Piperine , which is different […]

Does vitamin C promote hair growth ?

We all know our hair`s health starts from within , and that hair loss is associated with factors like stress and diet deficiencies . That`s why our nutrition even more important than our hair products .Out of all nutrients that benefits with our hair , one vitamin is especially capable of strengthening it – Vitamin […]

How long does it take for our hair to grow ?

If you ever experienced hair loss, you probably wondered how long it takes to grow it back . Truth is , the answer varies from person to person , and is affected by many variables , like- overall health , stress, and genetics . But here are some useful tips that can help you better […]

Diets and hair loss

Probably most of us have tried a diet at some point in their lives . For our body to function properly , it must receive nutrients from all main food groups – carbs , proteins , fats , minerals , and vitamins . When we are on a diet (especially an extreme one ), the […]

Hair myths

We are obsessed with our hair! Whether it is our regular haircuts at the hair salon , a new trendy hairstyle ,or even over-night coloring to satisfy our need for a change !But most of us believe hair myths that simply have no grip on reality !And that is why we`re here . So ! […]

5 Foods for healthier hair

Everything we eat , affects us . If you had a salad, for example, you would probably feel lighter ,both physically and mentally . You will feel good because you have nourished your body with food that gives good energy . The opposite example will be French fries or hamburger .If you eat those, you […]

Washing our hair in the shower- how and why?

Washing our hair is an everyday act , and an integral part of our hair care routine .But so many of us make critical mistakes that can lead to hair damage ,without even knowing it ! So , here are 8 great tips for better hair washing– and better hair. 1. Washing your hair too often- even the […]

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