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Our hair is our strength. As kids, we all learned of the mighty Samson, and how he mustn’t cut his hair or else he will lose its great power- his hair was basically the source of his strength! Until this day, people all over the world can relate to this story – when we have a bad hair day, we tend to feel less happy and energetic, and it may affect our entire day. So, if our hair has such a dramatic effect on us, why not take care of it?

Let`s start with the most important factor – our nutrition.

When we are on a balanced diet, it promotes growth of stronger, shiny hairs and therefore makes us feel better! Our food is the main source of our vitamins and minerals intake, which are essential for our overall wellbeing, and particularly, our skin and hair. Therefore, it is highly important to consume foods that contains Zinc, Iron, Vitamin B, Biotin, Folic-Acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin D – which all play a key role in keeping our hair healthy.

Don`t wash your hair every day!

Our hair produces a certain amount of sebum, or natural oi l, which is important for our its health. If we wash our hair too often- it dries out, giving our hair a dry look and lose its natural moisture.

Finished washing your hair?

Don’t vigorously rub your hair with a towel – but gently blot instead to prevent tearing.

Visit your hair salon

To maintain a healthy, split-ends-free look, visit your hair salon once every 3-4 month and cut around 1 inch. Doing so will ensure your hair looks fresh and will keep it from splitting.

Scalp massages

Massaging your scalp twice a week can increase blood and oxygen flow to the area, which can prevent hair loss. Make sure you do it when your hair is dry, and in all parts of your head- including the back of your neck.

“Fill-it” hair supplement

We all can use a little extra help in maintaining our hair`s health. Fill-it is a hair supplement that contains all the minerals and vitamins crucial for our hair. If you feel like you are doing everything right and still aren’t happy with your hair, try adding Fill-it to your daily routine, and you will see results quickly.

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