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5 Foods for healthier hair

Everything we eat , affects us .

If you had a salad, for example, you would probably feel lighter ,
both physically and mentally .
You will feel good because you have nourished your body with food that gives good energy .

The opposite example will be French fries or hamburger .
If you eat those, you will probably feel a lot heavier , tired and your level of energy will decrease .

Our hair works the same way !

If you will make sure to “feed” it with nourishing food that makes it “feel good” , make it grow , shine , be stronger – he will look and feel better . Feed it well and it will return the favor . So here are some foods that are very beneficial for our hair`s health:

Broccoli and green leaves –contain Iron , which is an important mineral that enhances blood flow to our hair roots , therefore promotes healthy hair . Once we experience Iron deficiency , hair loss is very common . You can check your Iron levels with a simple blood test .

Sunflower seeds- highly recommended to add a spoon or two , as an addition to a salad for example . This will increase our intake on vitamins like Vitamin B and Biotin , which are crucial for our hair`s proper growth .

A Biotin deficiency could cause changes in the hair`s structure , which can lead to hair loss .

Carrot- the orange color means it is full of Beta-Carotene, which our body morph into vitamin A . Vitamin A is important to proper function of all body cells . Among other things , it helps produce the oils that are found on our scalp . You can also eat orange pepper , sweet potato or any other orange fruit or vegetable really , as a source of Beta-Carotene .

Chicken and Beef- contains a lot of Iron , Zinc and Vitamin B- all crucial for healthy hair . They are also packed with protein . Keratin is the main protein in our hair fibers , therefore consuming proteins can contribute to stronger hair fibers , and overall healthier hair .

Chickpea- besides being extremely healthy , they contain a lot of Zinc . Zinc plays a key role in keeping our scalp healthy . Zinc deficiency can lead to dry scalp and hair loss . Other foods which are rich in zinc are – milk , nuts , whole grains , Lentils and more.

Understandably , it is very difficult to integrate all of these foods in our diet ,
that why you can take Fill-it capsules,
which contain all of the above and more , to ensure a proper vitamins and minerals intake for a healthier hair

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