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Hair myths

We are obsessed with our hair!

Whether it is our regular haircuts at the hair salon , a new trendy hairstyle ,
or even over-night coloring to satisfy our need for a change !
But most of us believe hair myths that simply have no grip on reality !
And that is why we`re here .

So ! Are you ready to bust some myths ?
Let`s begin .

1. When we cut our hair , it grows faster !
Cutting our hair usually gives us a fresh new look by cutting off the split-ends and increases our “new hair” sensation. It does not promote hair growth , but rather helps our hair grow in a more proper way .

2. Tight and stretched hairstyle weakens our hair!
Pulling our hairs too often can cause it to get weak and to split , and also promotes hair loss in the future . It is recommended to have a strongly tight hairstyle seldom , and is best to avoid it at all.

3. Frequent combing and brushing our hair makes it more beautiful and healthier!
Brushing our hair weakens our hair-roots and contributes to its breakage and splitting .
It can even cause hair loss in the future .
Also , it makes the hair greasier by spreading the scalp`s natural oil all over our hair .
Brush your hair in the right amount and frequency .

4.Wearing a hat can cause bold spots and tearing-
It is quite the contrary! Wearing a hat protects our scalp from sun rays that can damage it , weaken our hair fibers and cause breakage .
Of course , we need to make sure not to wear a hat that is too tight to prevent friction .

5. Hot blow-drying damages our hair!
The direct heat wave on our scalp can cause bold spots and overall damages our hair . It is best to use cold or medium heat blow driers or to let it dry naturally .

6. Taking Vitamins can improve hair growth and stop hair loss
Studies have showed that deficiency in vitamins A , B , C , and D are directly associated with hair loss , and that taking supplements that contain this vitamins , Zinc , Biotin and Collagen can help hair growth !
So how fortunate that all those ingredients (and more! ) are found in a Fill-it capsule , and in the highest recommended doses !

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