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How long does it take for our hair to grow ?

If you ever experienced hair loss, you probably wondered how long it takes to grow it back .

Truth is , the answer varies from person to person , and is affected by many variables , like- overall health , stress, and genetics . But here are some useful tips that can help you better understand hair loss .

How fast does hair usually grow ?
Without any external influence- our hair grows around 0. 5 inch every month .
Which means in a year you grow around 5. 5-6 inches of hair- of course , results may vary .

The reasons it changes between individuals could be:
Genetics , age , hormones , diet , stress , health issues and even the seasons have an impact on hair growth .
So , what can we do to improve our hair growth and give our hair the best conditions it needs ?

Stress management- stress is a part of our daily life . We work , manage our household , cook , take care of our kids and more , and all while facing a global pandemic ! It is important to remember to put our body first !
Meditation , yoga , and physical activity are proven to increase our quality of life and help escape from our demanding everyday routine .

Healthy and balanced diet- our body is like a machine , and for a machine to function properly , it needs strength and energy . Create your own healthy nutritional routine- eat at least 3 meals a day that contain all main food groups along with minerals and vitamins .

Understandably , sometimes it is hard to keep track of all the nutrients your body needs , so you can make your life easier by taking Fill-it supplement , which contains all the vitamins your hair needs- in the highest recommended doses .

Take care of your existing hair- use hair products that are suitable for you hair type and let your hair rehabilitate itself .

To sum up , be aware of your hair .
If case of unusual hair loss , consult with a doctor .


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