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How to maintain your hair’s health over time

It’s no secret that as we age , our bodies change .

Our metabolism slows down , our body takes longer to recover from injuries , and hair growth slows down as well .
Because yes , our hair is also aging !
Here are some tips for having healthier hair at any age .

Why does our hair change as we age ?
Our hair changes as we get older .
We experience an increase in hair loss . It becomes coarser , drier , and grayish .
The hair follicles can look brittle or dull even before they turn gray .

So why is this happening ?
Hair texture , quality , and quantity change due to the decrease in oil production and hormonal changes .
As the number of melanocytes in our hair decreases, the color changes , and we lose our hair`s pigments , causing it to turn gray .
Our hormones change as we get older ,
Because estrogen levels and natural oil production that lubricates the scalp hair follicles decrease over time .
So , some aspects of aging hair are inevitable . But- it is possible to get healthy hair at any age if you nourish your follicles from the inside out .

Nourish your body
One of the major factors affecting hair and scalp health is nutrition .
If you do not eat foods from ” all colors of the rainbow ” on a daily basis , your body may suffer from nutritional deficiencies that lead to increased hair loss , and a slowdown in hair growth .
Make sure you consume these key nutrients daily to keep your
hair happy and healthy :

Vitamin A- found in spinach, carrots, pumpkin and sweet potatoes
Vitamin B- found in whole grains, almonds and green leaves
Vitamin C- found in citrus fruits, strawberries, peppers and guavas
Vitamin D- found in mushrooms, tofu and milk
Vitamin E- found in avocados, almonds, spinach and sunflower seeds
Iron- found in lentils, black molasses, dried fruits and spinach
Zinc- found in pumpkin seeds, lentils, spinach and wheat grains
Protein- found in legumes and whole grains.

By enriching your daily diet with these key vitamins , you are helping your body support healthier hair and long-term hair growth .

Of course , in case you are unable to get all these vitamins in the recommended doses – you can always take Fill-it capsules !
Our capsules contain all the necessary vitamins (and much more) in the highest doses available .

Lower your stress levels
Stress affects your body at every level , and it can cause the early appearance of gray hair and hair loss . Although the connection between hair aging and stress is still being researched , experts agree that reducing your overall stress levels is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your overall health and well-being, including the health of your hair .
Here are some simple steps you can take to reduce stress :

Raising your heart rate is a very effective way to reduce anxiety .
Take a fun gym class like yoga or Pilates , or just go for a walk in your neighborhood .

Taking time to breathe and being present in the moment is the key .
Reduce screen time – We all love the internet , but spending too much time online (especially on social media! ) Can be toxic for our mental health.

Taking the time to nourish your body and mind every day , will do good to your hair , your health , and your soul !
Heat damage

If you enjoy taking extra hot showers or using devices like straighteners as part of your hair styling routine , you may experience hair thinning .
We know that straightening and styling your hair with heat based products can be fun and satisfying , but they are your hair`s sworn enemy , especially as you age .

So how do you say goodbye to your favorite heat-based products ? Do it step by step . The first thing you should do is to use the lowest heat possible .
Then , buy a heat-protective product and apply it to your hair every time you approach a heat source !
Reconcile yourself to the change

In the end , the best thing you can do for aging hair is to accept it .
Aging is a natural part of life ! Fortunately , you can maintain nourished , beautiful hair by adjusting your beauty routine !

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