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Does vitamin C promote hair growth ?

We all know our hair`s health starts from within , and that hair loss is associated with factors like stress and diet deficiencies .

That`s why our nutrition even more important than our hair products .
Out of all nutrients that benefits with our hair , one vitamin is especially capable of strengthening it – Vitamin C .

Let’s try to understand together the causes and effects it has on hair growth !

What is vitamin C ?
Vitamin C , also known as Ascorbic acid , is one of the most common and important vitamins , for it is involved in many processes in our body .
For example , it is considered a very effective antioxidant , it is crucial for the absorption of Iron , and is involved in creating collagen and carnitine – which are proven to improve hair growth .
Vitamin C plays a key role in absorbing vitamins , and experts claim that a vitamin C deficiency can cause digesting issues .

Vitamin C & Hair growth
Vitamin C is proven to help our body absorb Iron , which is a crucial mineral for hair growth .
( In cases of Iron deficiency, there is a high change of hair loss) .

High doses of Vitamin C can benefit with our scalp activity , hair root strengthening and contributes to the hair fibers .
Vitamin C also contributes to the epidermal stem cells and hair follicles , that help regulate our hair growth .

In addition , as a powerful antioxidant , it reduced the number of free radicals which can stop hair growth .

Further Explanation:
Oxidative damage- a key factor in the development of many illnesses . Naturally takes place in our body and increases as we get older .
Free radical- a sole electron that travels inside our body causing damage
called “oxidation” .

The number of radicals inside us can increase from air pollution , bad diet , stress and more .

So how can we stop the free radicals ?
We can take natural supplements that contains Vitamins A , C and D , maintain a healthy diet , and consume a lot of vegetables and fruits .
To sum up , Vitamin C is a key ingredient in our healthy hair routine , and it might be the most important one !

Therefore, create your own healthy routine along with Fill-it , for a healthier hair !

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